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Why Gamification?

The story of gamification starts when we unlearn our bias against gaming and learn to see the opportunities for a better future.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the application of game elements in the design of fun and engaging experiences that deliver desired results.

Benefits of Gamification

Better Communication

Combine behavioural insights with game principles to achieve communication goals

Improved Engagement

Using game-based motivation methods can raise engagement levels by 48%

Higher retention

Gamification appeals to powerful intrinsic motivations we all share

Enhanced openness

Leverage game elements and psychology to cultivate transparency and trust

Greater motivation

Customize intrinsic and extrinsic motivational triggers to player types for effective results

Directed transformation

Convert customers into fans, turn work into fun and make learning fun using gamification

Heightened creativity

Kindle their curiosity and tap into human desire to imagine, invent and learn

Accelerated innovation

Channel and coordinate the creative energy of people to share and collaborate more 

Happier participants

Make the learning process more engaging, social and informal

Injected fun at work

Apply fun, play and challenge to real world problems for proven results

Freedom to experiment

Enter the magic circle, suspend doubt, and experiment in the spirit of play common to games

Boosted productivity

Boost morale, inspire teams and get projects accomplished quicker and more efficiently

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Turn your corporate training experiences into game-like or gamified experiences to get results that stick.

Games can provide the needed motivation for learners to pursue learning and apply it on the job. We develop highly engaging experiences, games and story-based narrations that incorporate the four foundational elements of gamification: Engagement, Autonomy, Mastery and Progression, and align wholly with your objectives.


We help you diagnose your business problems, and create a gamification-based strategy for growth

Engaging solutions to
serious business problems.

Do you require a game-based solution to a specific business problem? Or do you require a more holistic solution to a problem you can’t quite put your finger on? We analyse your business – finding your successes and your pain points – working to turn the latter into the former. All while infusing fun into your workplace.

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Give your audience more than just inspiration. Give them a game plan for success with our expert keynote on gamification.

Gamification is the concept of applying elements of game playing to other activities to motivate people to engage with a product or achieve goals. We understand that this process can build loyalty, promote learning, and help solve problems.

Gamification can be used in a plethora of ways across industries. We are accomplished and acknowledged subject matter experts who can help you achieve your objectives with gamification.

Whether you are looking to motivate 1,000 or a department of 20, our message is empowering, engaging, actionable and proven.

About us

With decades of business experience, we use gamification to deliver engagement to your employees and customers.

We’re a team with
multi-disciplinary expertise.

Whether we are training a bunch of first time managers or playing a game of Pandemic with a team to let them discover how to collaborate, we are always applying our learning from scientific research and personal experience.

When we consult with your business, we not only help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness, we also add some fun into your everyday work.


Our daily articles on how Gamification is making a difference in the world, and how it positively affects your business

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