The Way of The Octopus

Can You Handle Whatever Life Throws At You?

Answer “Yes,” and you’ll never have to worry about the future or rely upon others for your wellbeing …

Instead, you can be a leader of men, earning respect, fame and fortune, living an interesting life with the love and adoration of those you care about.

Dear Friend,

If you want to develop the rare ability to always be ready to handle whatever life throws at you, without wasting your time and money on seminars and workshops that are not worth your time or on online courses that you never finish, this letter will show you how.

Here’s the deal…

I’ve designed a deck of challenges called “The Trials of Kokurra“.

The Trials of Kokurra” is a deck of 50 fun, “real-world challenge” cards designed to boost your skill levels in the following traits: Creativity, Communication, Community, Craft, Command, Charisma, Courage and Change.

But it may not be right for you…

Some of the activities in these challenges may seem easy or, in some cases, I-can’t-believe-this-can-be-so-much-fun levels of unbelievability, but you HAVE TO COMPLETE THE CHALLENGES FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT.

We’ve run our tests.

With the companion digital workbook, these challenges are designed to be deceptively simple to spur you to try new and enriching experiences. Continue doing these challenges and pretty soon, you WILL become an INTERESTING – and possibly quite POPULAR – person who can win in the real world.

If that doesn’t sound like something you want, “The Trials of Kokurra” is not for you.

Good times are coming…

How does it work?

Level Up IN FUN & INTERESTING WAYS To Win in the real world
That’s my goal for you.

I want you to be able to grab a card at random, do the challenge – and have a good time doing something you’ve probably never done before.

And when you go back to the workbook for the follow up, you’ll see how you’ve levelled up and how you can use your new skills in other parts of your life.

The knowledge here is based on the work the team’s (Rakshith & myself) done with some famous companies such as HSBC, KPMG, IBM, Ogilvy, The Hindu, Virginia Mall, Freshmenu, First American Insurance, University of Chicago, BQ Global, Jigsaw Academy, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Novell, Gamefed, Bayar’s Coffee and more.

We’ve used our experience in the fields of learning and development, storytelling, gamification, self improvement, training, motivation, sales, influence, persuasion, advertising business, marketing, psychology and leadership to build The Trials of Kokurra.

What secrets are there in the box?

Some of the things you’ll discover in “The Trials of Kokurra” include:

  • How to use a common practice in Bangalore restaurants to make friends who can last a lifetime (Challenge #18)
  • The technique I used to pop my fear of being judged – like a balloon on a cactus(Challenge #42)
  • An outrageous and intensely personal experience that Rakshith has had with a cow – and how doing the same can prepare you for anything (Challenge #48)
  • The ONE thing that you can do in 24 hours to attract attention and build a reputation as a leader (Challenge #30)
  • The heartbreaking secret of mastery found in almost every corporate employee’s past (Challenge #24)
  • A technical approach to look at your talents and use them to build your confidence in a systematic way (Challenge #39)
  • The one thing that exceptional leaders excel at – across time, space, industry and cultural background (Challenge #26)
  • A technique used by mafia bosses that you can use to increase your power and improve your influence (Challenge #13)
  • The idea that has been used past presidents of the USA – and how you can use it for your success (Challenge #46)
  • The open secret that consultants, marketers and CEOs use to make connections and communicate their vision (Challenge #4)

There’s more.

The Mysterious Challenge #40

In fact, if you see Challenge #40, you’ll learn my personal favourite technique for maximum growth in any field – in the shortest period of time. That’s the key behind our ability to get these challenges – and all the other goodies we have created – out the door in record time.

It’s also what I believe will enable you to stand out wherever you go and in whatever you do. It’s the approach that will set you ahead of pretty much everyone you know – your friends, your family, your colleagues, your neighbours – anybody. (almost!)

And the good news?

Most people never learn about this idea – let alone bother to master it.

But the few of us who do… the world is ours for the taking.

Classified Techniques & Forbidden Knowledge For Your Eyes Only

Here are even more challenges inside the box I will send you when you purchase The “Trials of Kokurra” today:

  • How to make your daily calendar a powerful weapon that will help you become world class at what you do (Challenge #22)
  • Three tools used in advertising agencies that can help you solve 80% of problems faced by anyone looking at middle or upper management (Challenge #28)
  • Put yourself to the test with a ‘test’ that relies on Courage, Craft, Communication and Creativity (Challenge #49)
  • How to use something you’re ALREADY DOING on the Internet to actively improve your charisma (Challenge #31)
  • A super effective technique to fight depression, make new friends and have the time of your life (Challenge #16)
  • The easiest way to find unique stories for communication that have never been seen by anybody else before (Challenge #8)
  • A “no brainer” idea to feel more alive and connected after a single phone call or cup of coffee (Challenge #17)
  • The one FREE and EASY thing you can do to increase the speed at which you’re levelling up (Challenge #21)
  • How movie quotes and going against the majority in one important habit can help you become a master at your chosen craft (Challenge #19)
  • How to use a smartphone and one of its most popular features to understand your perspective on change (Challenge #43)
  • How practical application of botany can set the foundation for becoming a the best at what you do (Challenge #20)
  • The one thing we used to do as children – but ACTIVELY AVOID as adults – that can make us courageous beyond measure (Challenge #37)
  • The one leadership practice that is guaranteed to deliver mind altering results in 72 hours – IF you execute it completely (Challenge #25)
  • How to lead and communicate in a way that your team and colleagues listen – without breaking a sweat (Challenge #29)
  • How to harness the “spiral of awesomeness” to build your influence and boost your likability (Challenge #35)
  • A free experiment you can finish in two hours that will help you discover the tools best suited for your style of communication (Challenge #10)
  • And many more, including…

Powerful & Potent Challenges To Handle Anything Life Throws At You

How a childhood habit, long suppressed and hated, can actually unlock your creative potential (Challenge #3)… The one thing you must NEVER DO in front of your bathroom mirror to avoid the risk of a mental breakdown (Challenge #38)… A task all responsible men and women must do – but surprisingly, don’t (Challenge #45)… How to unleash almost ‘superhuman’ creative abilities through an exercise found in English classes at school (Challenge #1)… The technique used by professional speakers and movie directors to convey strong emotion and discover powerful stories (Challenge #5)… and even…

You also get a 100+ page “Level Up Faster” Companion Workbook

I cannot promise you any specific results from The Trials of Kokurra…

But this special companion workbook gives you additional details of the challenges and “cheat codes” that can help you in your quest to level up. It tells you exactly what more you can do to get better and improve faster.

And, it also helps you get more value by “cementing” your understanding and growth by showing you what happens under the hood.

I Cannot Possibly Make It Easier For You To Level Up In The Real World!

Short of doing the challenges FOR you…

Box Cover
The Trials of Kokurra Box

But hang on… we’re still not done. When you purchase today, you also get….

Inaugural Bonus #1

The Back Room Conversations
  • Get new perspectives by listening to the specially recorded discussions by Rakshith and Arvindh, of every challenge that contain extra information to help you get more bang-for-buck.
  • Overcome starting trouble by hearing our approaches and stories of our attempts at the challenges and the outcomes of doing these challenges and the impact it has had on our life
  • Accelerate the learning curve and learn how to do your challenges better and get more from the experience

Inaugural Bonus #2

The Challenge Completion Chart
  • See how far you have come with a single glance at an A4 sheet of paper that helps you keep track of your progress and the upcoming challenges
  • Focus on what truly matters and level up to win at work and life
  • Remember when you finished each challenge – before you go back and try it again!

Inaugural Bonus #3

Access to our Invite-only Community
  • Meet us in person and hear us as we record our upcoming podcast episodes
  • Get answers to your burning questions about The Way of The Octopus and levelling up
  • Form strong connections as you interact with other Octolytes
  • Explore the fantastic fantasy world of Nous Moyna and participate in our storytelling and table top gaming sessions

Inaugural Bonus #4

The Deep Dive Files

We’ll be sending you a longer, more detailed conversation that Rakshith & I will be having regarding some of the challenges and the questions people have about The Trials of Kokurra and the challenges, in October 2019.

Inaugural Bonus #5

“The Brave Few” Limited Edition Certificate

By supporting us in this endeavor, you’ll be getting a limited edition “The Brave Few” Certificate signed by Rakshith and me – as a thank you for your sign of confidence in our endeavour. There will be only 88 of these available – and we will NEVER release this collectible again.

Here’s how you can buy The Trials of Kokurra with the inaugural offer

The Trials of Kokurra will eventually be priced at ₹3500, with free shipping anywhere in India. At the moment, there are also no refunds on any of the products we sell.


This is what you get:

  • 50 fun, “real-world challenge” cards
  • 100+ page “Level Up Faster” Companion Workbook
  • Inaugural Bonus #1: The Back Room Conversations
  • Inaugural Bonus #2: The Challenge Completion Chart
  • Inaugural Bonus #3: Access to our Invite-only Community
  • Inaugural Bonus #4: The Deep Dive Files
  • Inaugural Bonus #5: “The Brave Few” Limited Edition Certificate

As an inaugural price, we’re offering it at a flat, all inclusive price of…


Click the “Buy Now” button to get your own copy of The Trials of Kokurra.
The Trials of Kokurra
Everything you need to escape your comfort zone and level up in fun and interesting ways to win in the real world
  • 50 fun, “real-world challenge” cards
  • 100+ page “Level Up Faster” Companion Workbook
  • Inaugural Bonus #1: The Back Room Conversations
  • Inaugural Bonus #2: The Challenge Completion Chart
  • Inaugural Bonus #3: Access to our Invite-only Community
  • Inaugural Bonus #4: The Deep Dive Files
  • Inaugural Bonus #5: “The Brave Few” Limited Edition Certificate

Click here to Buy The Trials of Kokurra for ₹888

I hope you make the right choice.

This is Arvindh saying over and out.

Some common statements and our notes

Are these challenges easy to understand?

These challenges are written in simple english and have been tested on 60+ year olds as well as teenagers – and we’re confident that everyone in between will be fine. Plus, we have bonus content where we discuss the challenges and how you can go about approaching the challenges as well as our own bonus inputs.

How long will this take?

There’s plenty here to keep you engaged and going for some time. These challenges are designed to keep you going for about 3 months, while we were able to finish all of them in under 6 weeks! Best way to go about this is to take them one at a time – remember – this is supposed to be fun.

I am scared.

We all are. But, beyond this realm of fear is where success and glory lies. And, the best way to overcome any fear is to constantly expose yourself to it so that its potency reduces.

I don’t think I can do all these crazy things.

Take it as easy as you want to, but these challenges have been tested and tried. These are designed to help you build your skills in Creativity, Communication, Community, Craft, Command, Charisma, Courage and Change. Other people just like you have been able to do this and I’m confident so can you.

I don’t want to change.

This is the most dangerous thing you can do – what got you here will not take you where you want to go. Worse, it’ll pull you behind. You can’t afford it.

There’s no way to measure success.

While we don’t have a specific exam, you’ll start seeing results as soon as you finish your first challenge. You would have gained a skill or confidence that you can use to tackle projects that were previously out of your grasp.

It takes too long for the results to show.

It’s a bit like weight loss. In the beginning, you’ll have a lot of inertia that needs to be overcome. Over time, as you progress and continue finishing challenges, you’ll notice that you have a momentum and your success will accelerate.

There’s a recession coming.

And that’s the perfect reason to invest in these challenges. When the times are hard, you’ll be expected to do more with less, to perform better with fewer resources and to deal with more stress and challenges than ever before. At that time, you’ll need to level up to make sure your job is safe and you can deliver more bang for your buck. Why not have fun while levelling up for the real world?

There’s no replay value.

Of course there is! Every time you go through these challenges, you will realize that you’ve levelled up and can now do the challenges at a much higher level of performance than before. So, every time you do these challenges, you can push yourself to greater limits!

It’s too dangerous or illegal.

Only if you make it that way. We cannot – and will not take responsibility for your actions.

I prefer apps and digital versions.

We do have audio files that discuss these challenges and they do list out the challenges as well. However, we do not plan on releasing an app any time soon.

I don’t have the money.

If you’re broke, you need to get your finances in order. This product is not for you. If you’re choosing not to invest, then that’s a different story. This is cheaper than two months of Netflix or two dinners from a pizza place. If you can afford that – you can afford this.

I can spend my money on other things.

Sure, but you have to see if you will actually benefit the same way. Honestly, we believe that there are very few things you can spend on that will give you more fun and growth – simultaneously than The Trials of Kokurra.

You don’t give refunds.


There’s no free trial.


It’s not available on amazon or other ecommerce sites.

That’s right.

I don’t know what I will do once I’m done with these challenges.

Don’t worry. We have a number of different challenges coming up to help you level up in different aspects of the The Eight Core Traits of The High Human. You won’t be lost.

Is there anything else you can tell me about what’s in the box?

Honestly, I’ve already shared a ton of info. But, if you want more, here’s the dope on the rest of the things you can learn in The Trials of Kokurra:

  • The one thing you need to tell others TWICE a day to get all the good things in life (Challenge #32)
  • A tactic used by professional pick up artists that makes you instantly likable – IF done properly (Challenge #36)
  • A brutally effective technique used by FBI negotiators and improv artists alike to connect with their audience (Challenge #12)
  • How an imaginary visit to a graveyard can give you intense focus and direction (Challenge #47)
  • How the ideas of one famous professional house cleaner from Japan can help you unlock better ideas (Challenge #6)
  • The tremendously powerful technique used by lawyers (but avoided by News TV anchors) to understand the heart of any issue (Challenge #27)
  • The one thing you can practice with strangers – anywhere you go – to boost your likability (Challenge #33)
  • How to use the “Butterfly Effect” to create a change and upward lift in your life and society (Challenge #15)
  • The three things you need to discover about yourself to communicate with authenticity (Challenge #11)
  • Put yourself to the test with a ‘test’ that relies on Change, Command, Community and Charisma (Challenge #50)… How to unlock the wisdom of your ancestors and easily “borrow” ideas to improve your chance at success (Challenge #7)…
  • The “crazy” idea you can steal from an old Hollywood movie to completely change your life trajectory (Challenge #44)
  • The one hack for courage used by Rakshith and me in crafting this product in record time and cost (Challenge #41)
  • How treating your brain like a hotel can help you bond better with people from other countries, religions and cultures (Challenge #14)
  • The most effective way to rise in your career – without worrying about office politics, recession or the economy (Challenge #23)
  • The simple, foolproof test you can do to make sure everyone will understand what you’re trying to communicate (Challenge #9)
  • The technique I used to bond instantly bond with my wife’s grandma and my baby girl – and how you can use that to immediately become more likable (Challenge #34)
  • How Netflix can help you give better feedback to colleagues, to children and even to your spouse (Challenge #2)

Buy now

The Trials of Kokurra
Everything you need to escape your comfort zone and level up in fun and interesting ways to win in the real world
  • 50 fun, “real-world challenge” cards
  • 100+ page “Level Up Faster” Companion Workbook
  • Inaugural Bonus #1: The Back Room Conversations
  • Inaugural Bonus #2: The Challenge Completion Chart
  • Inaugural Bonus #3: Access to our Invite-only Community
  • Inaugural Bonus #4: The Deep Dive Files
  • Inaugural Bonus #5: “The Brave Few” Limited Edition Certificate