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The Trials of Kokurra: Inaugural Bundle


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The Trials of Kokurra” is a deck of 50 fun, “real-world challenge” cards designed to boost your skill levels in the following traits: Creativity, Communication, Community, Craft, Command, Charisma, Courage and Change.

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The Trials of Kokurra will eventually be priced at ₹3500, with free shipping anywhere in India. At the moment, there are also no refunds on any of the products we sell.

  • 50 fun, “real-world challenge” cards
  • 100+ page “Level Up Faster” Companion Workbook
  • Inaugural Bonus #1: The Back Room Conversations
  • Inaugural Bonus #2: The Challenge Completion Chart
  • Inaugural Bonus #3: Access to our Invite-only Community
  • Inaugural Bonus #4: The Deep Dive Files
  • Inaugural Bonus #5: “The Brave Few” Limited Edition Certificate

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