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The Way of The Octopus helps businesses and leaders grow with gamification.

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Why is The Way of The Octopus special?

By using fun and games to deliver the results you want, The Way of The Octopus ensures that the growth sticks. Our six flagship experiences are designed to equip participants with a set of skills needed to survive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous future.

All our experiences are designed to develop two things in our participants: fluidity and multi-disciplinary expertise – something that’s only possible when you gamify your growth.

The Foundational Principle

All our corporate experiences are built on one foundational statement:

Gamifying your growth makes it stick.

The Way of The Octopus

Our experiences are designed to deliver lasting impact using games and elements of games, along with advanced concepts of motivation, psychology, gamification, behavioural design, communication techniques, NLP and analytics.

Apart from our flagship experiences, we work closely with select businesses to build custom experiences and catalysts for growth by gamification.

The Way of The Octopus

Why should you gamify your growth?

Traditional training programs are usually watered down adaptations of dated content from foreign books, taught by people who run through the motions, day in and day out. Oh, let’s not forget the few buzzwords thrown in.

If you’re ready to evolve your training calendar from a checklist to be completed to a powerful agent for change, the corporate experiences by The Way of The Octopus are right for you.

The Way of The Octopus

Experience design

Our methodology – Gamify Your Growth, ensures that your team has acquired the skills they need – without wasting time in tedious seminars, watching boring videos or wading through mountains of books and training manuals. We do this through games, stories, reflection and of course, style and pizzazz.

Here are three key elements that form the core of all our corporate experiences:

  1. Fun: Our experiences are designed to have an impact on all participants through stories, games, interactive fiction and novel sensory experiences.
  2. Reflection: Fun and games drive our experiences to ensure that every participant grows their skills – and retains the knowledge for the future.
  3. Sandboxing: Our experiences are engineered to provide participants with a sandbox to take calculated risks and experiment without retribution.

Experience Delivery

Our programs are available in multiple formats, including Classroom, Outbound & Multi-Day Retreats. These can be customized to various form factors as well: The 60 minute Keynote, the Half Day Seminar and the One Day Workshop.

Our design process makes our experiences fun, memorable and transformational. These experiences are designed to develop competencies in any audience – entry level, middle management or senior management, while keeping the desired transformation intact.